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7 Words You Need To Understand, When Buying In Spain

Do you think the Spanish people speak fast?  It always sounds like they’ve got so much to say, and so little time to say it.  So they have to speak as fast as they can, to get it all out as quickly as possible!  

When you’re buying a home in Spain, you get more involved in the whole process than that of the U.K.  And when you’re sitting in the Notary’s office, ready to complete your purchase, you’ll hear the local professionals jabbering away between themselves.  Unless you “habla Español” you’ll not have a clue what they’re even talking about!

Never fear, my home buying amigos!  Mi casa, es su casa!  

Here’s a quick translation of the 7 most important words you’ll hear during the buying process, that you may not be accustomed to:  

1.  ESCRITURA:  (Pronounced “Ess-kree-tour-a”) Title Deeds

2.  NOTARIO:  (Pronounced “No-ta-reo”)  Notary; A Public Official Authorised By The Government That Prepare The Title Deeds.

3.  REGISTRO DE LA PROPIEDAD:  (Pronounced “Reh-hist-row  Day  La  Prop-e-eh-dad”)  Land Registry.

4.  NOTA SIMPLE:  (Pronounced “Not-ah  Sim-play”)  Land Registry Search

5.  ABOGADO:  (Pronounced “A-bow-ga-doe”)   Lawyer

6.  HIPOTECA:  (Pronounced “Ippo-tech-a”)  Mortgage

7.  N.I.E. (Numero Identificacion Extranjero):  (Pronounced “New-me-row  E-dent-if-e-kath-eon  Ex-tran-hay-row”)  Foreign Tax Identification Number;  Most times you’ll hear the locals say “Knee-eh” for short.

So now you’re ready with the jargon, you can better understand a few of the most important words you’ll most definitely come across, during your home buying journey!  And with a little practice, you’ll be able to actually say them yourself!  ¡Suerte!  (Good luck!)


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