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So many houses…. So much to choose from…. Which one would you choose?

Do you like traditional? Maybe you prefer modern? There’s so much to think about when buying a property in Spain!

Considering these 6 points will help you make a successful start:

1. Whatever it is you’re looking for, it is best to start your property search knowing your budget. Discovering your price range will determine the size of the home and general location. Like anywhere in the world, land does have a value. The closer you are to major attractions, the more valuable the property, and of course vice versa.

2. Does it have to look welcoming? Are you more focused on the aesthetics than what’s on the inside? Spanish properties can be very deceiving from the outside. So don’t write a property off based on whether it has curb appeal or not. Who knows, you may be missing out on a hidden gem!

3. How many bedrooms do you need? For this answer, you need to focus on your own needs. Don’t start thinking about your potential visiting family and friends. You really should be selfish if your budget is not stretching to an extra bedroom that will only be occupied for two weeks a year! Visiting relatives will make do. Even if that means they’ll be sleeping on a sofa bed for a few days whilst they enjoy their free accommodation with you!

4. How many bathrooms will you need? Usually with a 1 or 2 bedroomed property, you’ll have 1 bathroom. With a 3 or 4 bedroomed home, there’ll be at least 2 bathrooms.

5. Will you want your property to generate an income for you? Homes with guest apartments can be rented out to two families. Or live in one part and rent out the other! These properties can be very versatile especially if you have growing teenagers that want a little more independence!

6. Figure out early on in your property search what is going to be your compromise. Is it size? Amount of bedrooms? A swimming pool? Or maybe the location is going to be where you’d be required to be a little flexible on your wishlist.

Remember this…. Anything inside the property can be altered. Updating is easy to do. Putting in a swimming pool… as long as you have the room, is easy to install. One item you cannot change though, is the location!

When buying a home you’ll never find a property that meets every single requirement on your wishlist. But you can get close to it if you’re willing to compromise a little.

What you’d look for in a home will be different to someone else. It’s a personal choice. However, everyone is generally looking for the same basics…. A wonderful home and in a great location!

To get a head start with what you’d be looking for in a home, go to for a list of the best area deals!


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