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It’s all very exciting when purchasing a property on the Costa Blanca! Even more so, when it’s your first home!

You’re bound to receive lots of advice from everyone around you, even if they’ve never actually owned a property in Spain themselves before! But buyer beware! Avoid the mistakes other first-time buyers in Spain consistently make.

Here are 5 things all first-time homebuyers get wrong:

  1. CHOOSING A HOME TO ACCOMMODATE FAMILY & FRIENDS; Lots of buyers focus too much on accommodating friends and family when visiting. Stay true to yourself in what you are looking for in a home. Your guests will only visit for a short time. You’re the one that will be using the home the most, so buy a property that will fit your needs and not those of your occasional guests.

  2. MAKING A PAYMENT IN CASH; Whatever figure you have agreed to purchase the property for, needs to be shown in full on your Title Deeds for future tax reasons. Don’t make the mistake of handing over any cash as this may have a negative effect when the time comes for you to sell in the future.

  3. BUYING WITHOUT USING A LAWYER; It is always safer to purchase a property with the assistance of a Lawyer. They will check for any debts and make sure the home you are buying is legal.

  4. REQUESTING THE HOME BE UNFURNISHED; This is a common mistake, especially if the existing furniture in the property is not to your taste. You can always change the furniture once you’ve moved in. But remember, if the home is empty on the day of completion, you won’t be able to move in straight away.

  5. MAKING HOME IMPROVEMENTS TOO SOON; It is always advisable to take some time to get to know the house before making any major home improvements. Walls you thought you would want removed, may not need knocking down after all. Once you’re in the home, you’ll figure out easier what works for your lifestyle and what doesn’t.

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