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5 Maintenance Skills Every Homeowner In Spain Should Know!

Welcome to the wonderful world of homeownership in Spain!

It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve made it on the Spanish property ladder, however do you know the basics when it comes down to minor home maintenance? You may already be a homeowner in another country, however, there are a few things that you may not be familiar with in a Spanish home.

Here are 5 maintenance skills, that every Spanish homeowner should know:

Electrics. In every property you’ll see on the wall, (usually in the lounge) a box that contains the circuit breakers. Learn how to reset them yourself. The main breaker will have a single switch with a small button inset to the side. If you ever find yourself with no power in the house, always check the circuit breaker first before calling an electrician or your electric company. All breakers must be in the “up” position.

2. Water. Once you move into your newly purchased casa, learn where the water shut-off tap is located. It’s usually in the bathroom, kitchen or utility room.

3. Unclogging drains. A chemical drain cleaner may work, however you can also use long wire. To clear a bad smell, add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda, followed by a cup of white vinegar, or use an Alka-Seltzer with the vinegar instead - Then blast with hot water!

4. Cleaning outside tiles. There is a cheap and highly potent chemical you can buy from any “Ferreteria” or “Bricolaje” (hardware store) called “*Agua Fuerte.” Directly translated “Strong Water.” This liquid works very well for cleaning grout and weather stains. *Always read the label first.

5. Shutters. If you have roller shutters, they can be delicate, so don’t pull on the cord with all your strength to raise them. Pulling them up too quickly can cause the cord to break, or the slats can become dislodged. If you find they are becoming difficult to raise, remove the panel above the window to expose the slats, then make sure they are all lined up properly. If some are broken, you can buy the individual slats and replacement cord from your local Ferreteria.

Buying? Enjoy the journey!

Ready to try out your 5 maintenance skills? Head to and purchase your own home in Spain!

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