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Whether you’re preparing to list your property for sale, or you’ve been on the market for a while with no offers, making sure the home looks its best is key to attracting the right buyer.

Look at it this way…. You wouldn’t try to sell your car without washing it first, would you? Especially if you want to get the best price you can. The same applies to your property. You need to showcase it at its best, so you can sell for the best price possible!

When listing a property for sale during a pandemic, there are certain elements that are crucial in attracting a buyer. By not paying attention to the basics, you’ll risk buyers not even wanting to look inside, virtually or in-person.

Here are 5 elements to focus on:

  1. If your home has a driveway to the front, be certain it is clear of clutter, clean and any cracks are filled - If you have a carport and it's looking dirty, use a pressure washer to freshen the look.

  2. Pay extra attention to flooring, lighting, and walls - Consider adding centerpiece plants or flowers to enhance dull tables and eliminate other clutter that often gravitates to flat surface.

  3. Make it smell like home - The scent that meets prospective buyers or their agents should be pleasant and not overwhelming.

  4. Remove toys and anything else that doesn't belong - A tidy home is a welcoming home. On the other hand, a cluttered home gives the impression that there is a lack of storage space. Even in the wardrobes. You’re not using your suitcases at the moment, so put any unworn clothes in there. It will make your wardrobe look spacious and tidy. You can also use vacuum storage bags, if you’re still struggling with squeezing your clothes inside!

  5. Remove all unnecessary furniture to maximize space - Or simply rearrange the furniture to provide a smooth flowing walkway through the room.

Go through your property as if you were the buyer. Use common sense and look from floor to ceiling. Change lightbulbs, clean cobwebs and keep the toilet seat and lid closed!

Ready to sell your property? Head to to download a copy of the "80 Things You Can’t Afford To Neglect When Selling Your Home!”


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