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4 Things You Shouldn’t Forget, If Buying A Holiday Home!

Ready to buy a house?  If you’re a purchaser on the hunt for a holiday home, maybe you’re on the lookout for earning a rental income too.  But, do you know all the things you should be looking for?

Here are 4 important things you consider, before buying a holiday home that you’ll regret.

1.Bedrooms – To maximize the renting potential, you need have a clear vision on how many people you'll want to cater for.  If you were to purchase a two bedroomed property, you can accommodate up to 6 people simply by putting a bed settee in the lounge.

2.Swimming Pool – If you’re planning on using your holiday home during the spring and summer months, you’ll definitely be wanting the use of a pool.  Especially for any rental potential.  Access to a communal swimming pool is usually high on a holidaymaker’s “must have” list.

3.Location - When deciding on an area, you need to consider these two points.  A) Being closer to the beach, means you’ll be the only people there in the winter months.  B) Being in a residential area, means you’ll always have amenities open throughout the year.

4.Amenities – If you want the ability to be within walking distance to a local supermarket, bars and restaurants, you need to choose your area accordingly.  But remember, what’s a “mile away” to you, could be a “stones throw” to someone else!

Make sure you bring up these four points with your Real Estate Agent, as they will be able to offer you suggestions or alternatives for your needs.

Buying?  Enjoy the journey!


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