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3 Things To Do Before Unpacking In Your New Home!

You’ve been given the keys to your new home, and now you’re eager to move in!  Even though you’ll want to unpack everything immediately, there are 3 important things to do before actually unpacking.

1.CLEAN – It’s much easier to give the home a thorough clean when your belongings are still in boxes.  Clean the kitchen first, then the bathroom, as these are the rooms you’ll be using before anywhere else, then work your way to the lounge/dining room, then the bedrooms.  Lastly, clean the windows and mop the floors.  If you have young children, it’s advisable to clean their room first, as they’ll need to feel clean, safe and secure in their new home, to help them settle quicker.

2.ORGANIZE YOUR BELONGINGS – As long as you’ve labelled your boxes, this should be easy to set the boxes down, in the correct rooms.   As you unpack, tick the items off your checklist.  Make a note and take a photo, if any of your items are damaged.  It will be easier to make a claim through your removal company, if you have proof.

3.SET LARGER FURNITURE IN PLACE FIRST – By doing this, it will be easier to place your smaller items straight into their respective cupboards.  

When moving home with young children, it is always advisable to have their favourite toys to hand.  The same goes for your “fur babies.”  Have their beds, water and food easily accessible.

If your babies are busy, it will give you more time to concentrate on your own jobs, and finish faster!

Buying?  Enjoy the journey!


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