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Whether you’re just starting out with your property search or have found a home you’d like to buy, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget what you need to be looking out for.

Before committing to purchase a resale home on the Costa Blanca, here are 3 things you could easily check beforehand, to know if the property is legal.

1. Does it have a Habitation Certificate? A quick and easy way to know if the property has been granted planning permission is by asking for its Cedula de habitabilidad (Habitation Certificate). This license is granted by the local Town Hall. If planning permission was never given to build the house originally, there will be no Habitation Certificate.

2. Does it have mains water and electric? If the property’s utilities have not been connected to the mains, chances are it doesn’t have the relevant paperwork to sign the build off as completed. This means mains water and electric will not be connected.

3. Would the vendor sell to you, even if you needed a mortgage? If the vendor or their agent say they are only looking to sell to a cash purchaser, ask yourself why? Mortgages in Spain are quite straightforward if the property you are purchasing is legal. Banks will not lend money on illegal builds!

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