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Buying A Home, And Getting Cold Feet?

Buying your dream home is an exciting time in anyone’s life! You’ve saved up your hard earned money, and now the time has arrived to make your dream a reality. For many of us, this is the best time, but for others it can be a feeling of “oh my goodness, what have we done!”

This feeling doesn’t actually mean there’s something wrong, or that you shouldn’t carry on, and complete your purchase. It’s only your mind playing Devil’s advocate, making you question your judgment with “What if’s…”

Here’s how to make sure those questions can be put to rest, so you can make this journey an exciting one, and not one to be afraid of.

If you’re unsure about how much your legal costs will be, make sure those questions have already been answered, long before you’ve even put your offer forward. No-one wants to receive a hefty bill after you’ve completed, so get that “piece of mind information,” from the start.

If you’re scared you could be paying too much, think about other homes you’ve already seen in your price range. Ask your Real Estate Agent to show you comparable home prices. This will reinforce your decision to buy at the price you’ve offered, again allowing those butterflies of excitement, to carry you through your purchase.

If you’re in the mindset of “maybe a better house will come on the market,” you need to stop second-guessing yourself. Don’t you remember how many homes you’ve looked at online, before you fell in love with the one you have chosen? You need to give yourself a pat on the back, and remind yourself of all the legwork you did upfront. Hey, raise your hand high, because here’s a high five from me! And, if you’re still afraid you’re going to miss out on your dream home, ask yourself how happy you are with the home you are buying, on a scale of 1 to 10. An 8 or higher, you’re making a great purchase. Think about this…. You could be looking for a year and never find a 10.

If you think you’re taking on more than you can cope with regarding any renovations, ask yourself if you need to do the whole house in one go, or could you live in the home, and make the improvements one room at a time. Always start with something easy, like painting the master bedroom. You’ll soon feel very satisfied at what you’ve achieved.

So stop doubting your decision, look to the future with your head held high, and make your purchase a happy adventure. I’m sure you’re choice will be perfect!


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