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Are you tired of looking at so many homes?

Are you tired of looking for that perfect place in the sun? Been on countless viewing appointments, looking at house after house? Spending all of your waking hours searching on the internet for your dream home? If you feel this could be you, then you need to sit down, and ask yourself if you’re being unrealistic in what you’re really hoping to find, in your dream home in Spain.

Over the years, I’ve seen lots of “wish lists” of what a dream home should be like, but if you still haven’t found that perfect property, maybe it’s time for a reality check, and start making a shorter list of what’s more important for you. Sometimes, with just a little compromise, you could be owning your dream home sooner than you think.

Start your list off with the location. Is this high on your priority list or lower down? Ask yourself, what if the perfect home was just five or ten minutes away from where you’re currently looking. Would that be a major problem, or something that’s worth considering?

Maybe the ideal property is a little further away from amenities, and having a car would be a necessity. Most local and major supermarkets deliver right to your door, so don’t let the fact that a local shop isn’t within a few minutes walk put you off.

Have you seen a potential contender that fits your budget, but there aren't enough rooms? Ask yourself if you really need all of those bedrooms? Are they to accommodate your visitors for a week or two in a year, or will they be used every single? If you’re looking to have enough bedrooms for your visitors, then remember, that’s exactly what they are… visitors… means they won’t be staying with you for long. If the property has a sun room, you can buy beds that fold away that look like a cupboard. With a bed settee in the lounge, and a fold away bed in the sun room, you are easily able to accommodate four extra people. And if that’s not enough, then maybe asking a neighbour if they’re willing to rent their home to your family or friends for a week or two, may be an ideal option.

If you’ve seen a property and love every feature it offers, but there’s one downside, it doesn’t have enough bathrooms then see if there’s room to extend. Adding on a bathroom is one of the easiest forms of home improvements you can invest in. Not only will you have that much desired extra room, but it will also add value. An average sized shower room can cost approximately €5,000 to construct. Obviously, with any extension work, you’ll need to check all regulations regarding planning permission within that specific area. If the property is on a community, then planning permission will need to be granted from them as well as the local Town Hall. Any experienced Agent and builder should be able to guide you regarding planning permissions.

If there’s no swimming pool, and that was high up on your list of priorities, then as long as there’s enough room within the garden, you can always build your own custom designed pool, or maybe a hot tub would tick that box instead. The Spa Superstore, next door to Iceland in Torrevieja, can accommodate your pool or hot tub requirements.

Whenever you’re looking at properties, it can become very tiring if you’re not realistic. Keeping an open mind and by making slight compromises, will mean you’ll have less to get stressed about and more time to start enjoying your new purchase in the sun.

It’s an exciting time… enjoy the journey!


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