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Buyers & Their Amusing Behaviour

People experience different emotions when purchasing a home, but mainly I’ve noticed, that it varies depending on their Nationality and culture.

Sometimes the comments and questions can be amusing when out and about hunting for that perfect home in Spain, but there are times when their beliefs take over, and they insist on performing certain rituals before deciding on the right property.

For your reading pleasure, and amusement, I have listed a few of the comments and “performances”:

I was taking an English couple out on a viewing appointment. As I was driving them around, the guy turned to me and with a serious look on his face, asked me, “Do you live in Spain?” I couldn’t really believe what I had heard, and felt like saying, “no I commute from England everyday,” but I bit my tongue and replied politely, “Yes, yes I do!” I thought, what an unusual question, then smiled and carried on in true British style!

On another occasion, “What do you do as a real job?” I was asked! After working full time, for many years, believe me when I say, I really don’t have time for anything else!

Another time, I was taking a German guy out on a viewing. He had met me in my office, alone. I said “Jump in the car with me, and I can show you, your selected houses.” To my horror, his reply was “First we go to the hotel!” I think my face said a thousand words, without my lips even moving. I was unsure how to respond quickly. But luckily I didn’t have to, because in his next breath, he said, “because we must pick up my wife!” I think even he had to chuckle, when he heard me give the biggest sigh of relief.

Meet the tappers! These types of buyers, like to knock on every wall, tap every window, and do a type of “flamenco dance” testing out the floor tiles! This for me, has brought a smile to my face many a time. And still, I find it very amusing.

When buying a home, it can be a very sensitive subject, as many people have different beliefs and superstitions. Even though I may not have the same beliefs myself, it’s very important to me, that I show respect to the people I am with. Some beliefs mean carrying out certain rituals before deciding to buy a dream home. One ritual I specifically remember, was when an English couple I was with, expressed a very serious interest in purchasing a home I was showing them. They said they needed to do a water test before making their final decision. I thought they meant they needed a professional to come in and check the drinking water, or maybe a plumber to check the pipework. “No,” they said, “we do water witching” also known as “water dowsing!” They went to their car and brought back two bent rods, then proceeded to walk the whole garden with the rods held out in front of them. Wondering whether they did find the water they were looking for? Simple answer. No! And they did buy the house!

Although the Europeans aren’t too fixated on superstitions when purchasing a home, the Chinese have very strong beliefs when buying property. They will not purchase a home on a corner where two roads meet! They are big believers in “Feng Shui,” as the flow of energy throughout the home is important to them. Numbers are also important, and will be interested in a home that has the numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 in their address.

So whether you’re the type of buyer that follow certain rituals, or whether you just go with your heart, buying a home in Spain should be a positive and exciting experience, so relax, don’t get stressed, and enjoy the journey!


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