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How to price your property in Spain (2017)

For years people think they know the property market well enough to price their own home. No-one knows your property better than you, so how on Earth can anyone else put a price on what is your most valuable possession?

This is very true, no-one does know your property better than you, but when you think you’re pricing your home according to the current property market, you can’t help but be biased to sway towards just how much money you’ve invested in the home, not forgetting the blood, sweat and tears! You’ve poured your heart and soul into the property, so how can you put a value on that?

When pricing your home for sale, you need to look at it as if you were the buyer. Have a look at your competition. Your buyer definitely will! No-one wants to give their property away, but no buyer will pay over the odds either.

Coming up with the perfect price will not only attract the right buyer, but they’ll also know that you’re serious about selling. Just because you’ve perfectly priced your home, certainly doesn’t mean that you must also take a low offer too. The property is still yours and you’re never obligated to accept an offer of any kind. That final decision will always be yours to make.

Never over inflate the asking price, to compensate for any offers. This will hold you back, as your potential buyer may not give you a second glance, if your price is too high initially. They are not mind readers. They will not know that your intention maybe to accept a lower offer, and this may make them think that your home is out of their price range.

It is not custom to make offers, for some nationalities! And what if one of those nationalities are YOUR potential buyer? They’ll be saying “Adios” before they’ve even said “Hola!”

The current property market is still good, and the Brits are not letting Brexit dampen their spirits on purchasing homes here. Us British are living proof that the saying “Keep Calm & Carry On” means more than just words, as we are still the number one property buyer in this part of Spain!


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