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Did you really just say that?

As a Real Estate Agent, I have seen on many, many occasions homeowners that believe they have what it takes to sell any home. They thought they were in the wrong career and after watching so many property programmes, this was their long lost dream job.

What many people don’t understand is that it takes a skill to sell a home. Anyone can open a door and stand there, but what makes a true professional, is the way they actually verbalize the sale of the home to a potential buyer.

Some homeowners think, that as they’ve got nothing to hide, then pointing out every little feature, will easily convert a looker into a buyer in no time.

Sure, there are some things that simply must be told to the buyer, but there’s plenty more you might be volunteering when you would be truly better off keeping your mouth strategically closed.

Ever heard the expression, “less is more?” When selling your property, this is the ideal time to actually use that expression for what it’s worth.

“Our home is in perfect condition!” Everyone knows that nothing is perfect, and if you are committing to a “perfect conditioned home” then it had better be just that…. PERFECT! Every house, whether it’s a new build or a resale, has something that needs to be fixed, adjusted or improved.

“It’s been on the market for x amount of days.” This should never be discussed with any buyer, as they will see it as ammo for any offer they may be contemplating on making. Yes the information will be there for the buyer to find out, but you don’t need to be the one to bring this topic up. The longer it’s been on the market will encourage a buyer to come in lower, than if they think they’re one of the first to view.

“We were going to change that if we’d have been staying” No-one needs to be told the negatives of any house. And if you were planning on knocking down walls, or upgrading kitchens and bathrooms, the buyer doesn’t need to know, as this will force the buyers to think twice about 1. Would they want to take on these changes too after a short time of living there? and 2. Do the potential changes reflect in the asking price?

“We won’t take anything less than…” When selling a home you need to be a little flexible, and being firm with a buyer as you’re showing them around your home for the first time, is definitely NOT the right time to discuss whether you’re serious about selling or not. Discussing your disapproval for any potential negotiations is like showing a red rag to a bull, to any buyer. You don’t want to send them a message that you are not open to negotiating, as buyers won’t even try to work out an acceptable price, as they will feel defeated from the start.

So if you feel you must at least say something to a potential buyer, tell them this…

“What a great question, but you’ll need to speak with my Real Estate Agent!”


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