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Happy New Year, Happy New House!

Estate Agents in Ciudad Quesada since 1989

What a successful year 2016 turned out to be for property sales. People from across the globe were still wanting a piece of our Heaven, and no political uncertainty was going to stand in their way.... and rightly so too! Why wait for political leaders to make up their minds, when it's YOU that decides how and where to live your life? Nothing is impossible!

Spanish property sales showed a sizable growth at the close of 2016, with more than a 45% price increase since the last major recession. This gives more confidence to every buyer and makes it very attractive to investors. 2017 Will be known as the year of "recuperation," when finally everyone can put an end of talking about being in a recession, and concentrate on a focused growth.

If you're on the hunt for your next home, or just contemplating upgrading or downsizing, then now is the time to put your thoughts and dreams into action. Prices will start to increase, the fewer homes there are for sale.

Ready to get moving? There are three easy steps in this process.

1. Get your finances in order. Lay everything on the table and work out how much you can afford. Buying with a mortgage? Allow approximately 15% on top of the purchase price for legal costs and taxes. Paying cash (not literally)? Allow approximately 13% on top.

2. Now go start with your property search. It's much easier to seek help and advice from your trusted Real Estate Agent, they will be able to show you exactly what you're looking for, but remember nothing will be 100% perfect, you will need to compromise. Don't take things to the extreme and dismiss what could be your dream home, just because the paint is an ugly shade of blue on the walls. This is a quick fix, so don't let it hold you back.

3. Wow, this is so exciting! You've found your new home, now all that's left to do is BUY IT! This is my favorite part.... the offer! But I do know that a lot of people feel uncomfortable when they need to discuss the "M" word. Well, let me say it for you.... MONEY! There, you say it too.... MONEY! That wasn't so bad was it? If your offer is sensible, there is no shame in it! So tell your Real Estate Agent the amount you'd like to offer and keep your fingers crossed. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too! And in no time, you'll be singing “Que Vive España,” because once your offer has been accepted, you could be living right here too!

2017 Is predicted to be the best year for property sales. So good luck on your property journey, and make this year, your best investment yet!


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