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It's not all about the sales.

Estate agents in Ciudad Quesada - Inmobiliaria

Someone asked me the other day, do I enjoy writing these blogs every week, and how do I keep coming up with something new? The simple answer to that was, "yes and it's easy," because it's something I'm passionate about. I love sharing my experience, and being given the chance to inspire and equip you for your property journey, whether it be buying or selling, gives me great pleasure.

Steve Jobs once said, "If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." And that is how I feel about my career. I'm here to share with you something that I care about.

I especially love helping you avoid those costly mistakes through tried and tested techniques, and help you achieve top Euro for your property. Buying and selling houses in this immediate area during almost 30 years now, does give me a lot of hands on knowledge, that I can now bestow upon you, whether that be through you reading my weekly blog, or by visiting my office.

It's not all about the sales! Yes, you read right.... Don't get me wrong, achieving a sale is always what a Real Estate Agent is paid to do, but guiding a seller through a stressful time in their life is very rewarding, especially in some circumstances, like when they are alone. Being a Real Estate Agent is tough going at times, but when I see someone that has been "led down the garden path," then I love being able to bring them clarity on something that seemed daunting, and put them on the right track for their own success, this is pure job satisfaction.

When selling a property, some homeowners find it difficult to detach the strings tied tightly around their heart, but that's easy to overcome as it's all about mindset. You need to prepare yourself mentally, for the transition from homeowner to home seller. Some people can do this with ease, but for others, they struggle to come to terms with the reality of putting a number (price) on their emotional attachment to the property. You need to think, this is just a "house".... and that your "home" is wherever you make it. It's all about your mindset in allowing you to let go of that house, and move on. Remember, just like you made memories in your present home, you will have wonderful neighbours again, find interesting places to visit, and even find a new favourite restaurant. Wherever YOU go, you'll find friendly people, and that new house will suddenly feel like home.

The quicker you change your mindset, the quicker you'll be ready to let go and move into your new home to start making some new wonderful memories.

Selling your home this time of year, is when you need to keep on top of the little things, before they become too much, like sweeping away any fallen leaves. Nothing looks worse than a buyer turning up outside your home and it looks like a tornado has just passed through. Bougainvillea especially, leaves a lovely trail of petals, as soon as the breeze starts. But clearing them away, little and often, will help maintain a warm, welcoming entrance.

Did you put your winter chemicals in your swimming pool? Buyers want and need to see crystal clear water, not green algae floating around. A clean pool will show buyers just how much attention you give your home, and that will help you achieve a better price. And who doesn't want more money at the end of a deal, just for the sake of a few pool chemicals!

So, if this year wasn’t your luckiest, healthiest or happiest, remember, change your mindset, be grateful for what you have, and look forward to a strong 2017 and make it your best year yet!

Have a Merry Christmas & a Wonderful New Year!


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