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How to decorate for Christmas, whilst your house is for sale.

Christmas lights - Inmobiliaria Estate Agents, Ciudad Quesada

If you're anything like my family, then Christmas is the best time of year! Decorating the house brings so much pleasure, from the organizing to the actual decorating, and seeing the end result of all the effort that's been put into it, is an absolute joy! Anyone that knows us, happily drives past our "gingerbread villa" of delights and that makes us, as a family, proud that we can bring a little Christmas joy to our community. If you're selling your home during Christmas, you don't have to be the Grinch and not put up any decorations, just remember to keep them tasteful and not over the top. You need to project a homely, inviting feel so that your buyer can imagine what their Christmas would be like in your home. A couple of poinsettias at the entrance would certainly give a warm Christmas welcome, not forgetting a new door mat! Carrefour has some lovely poinsettias for sale for around €3.50. A simple garland hanging on a recently painted front door, looks extremely inviting. Just because it's Christmas, doesn't mean it's going to slow down with potential buyers coming through to take a look, so don't get lazy and think you can "let things go" for a few weeks. Stick to your regular routine, when leaving your house for the day... like making sure the beds are made, and everything's been put away in the kitchen and bathroom. I know during this time of year can be extra difficult, trying to keep the house tidy, especially if you have your own children or grandchildren around, but try not to go crazy by thinking you've got to keep everything spotlessly clean.... You only need to keep things tidy, and not clean to the extreme! Christmas trees are one of my favourite decorations, both real and fake, but when selling your home during this season, and your choice of tree is a real one, please make sure to keep it watered, as those pine needles will fall, and a "naked" tree does not look homely. Not only will it will make buyers think you're not willing to look after a simple tree, but that will make them wonder if you pay the same "lack of attention" to the simple items of maintenance in the home. Lighting during Christmas, is an easy way to make the house look like a home, especially if the buyer does a drive-by at night. You want the lighting to be tasteful not tacky! You want it to say "look at me, I'm your new home!" not "hey amigo... keep going, there's nothing to see here!" So make sure all of those little light bulbs are shining brightly, and quickly replace the ones that aren't. Christmas can be quite stressful in itself, so let your Real Estate Agent handle your house viewings and sale, and you just enjoy the Christmas festivities with a glass of mulled wine, eggnog or just your favourite cup of coffee! Don't get stressed, enjoy this journey, and think about your next Christmas all happily settled in your new home!


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