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Do You Have A Housing Addiction?

Villa in Spain

I have had the pleasure over the years of showing many homes to many people from all walks of life. A lot of them have something in common, they’re addicted to house hunting!

With today’s technology at your fingertips, it’s so easy to keep looking online to see what’s newly listed in your neighbourhood. Do you find yourself having a sneaky quick look on your mobile phone as soon as you wake up in the morning, just to see if that property you’ve had your eye on has reduced the price, or a new home in the area you want has come to the market? If you’re nodding your head in agreement you could make up the 69% of online house hunters that say shopping for houses is fun! In some cases, 64% say they keep checking to see what’s on the market, even after they’ve purchased a home!

But, if you’re actually losing sleep trying to keep up-to-date with market trends and prices, let your Professional Real Estate Agent do it for you. They’re the ones in the know! They can take that pressure away and are easily able to get in touch, once they find a home that could be suitable for you, letting you get a good nights rest.

Housing trends do change frequently and as the National Statistics of General Notaries in Spain show, from January to June 2016 it was resale apartments that were in higher demand, proving an increase in sales by 19.29% over the previous year. In fact, apartment sales rose by 19.6% during the first half of the year, adding up to 225,551 transactions.

The same can’t be said of new homes, showing a decline of 13.6% from last year.

Well now its September, and this is when the Scandinavian buyers should be joining us in this marvellous sun! So, whether you’re selling a studio apartment or luxury villa, make sure your homes are ready for any viewing appointments, and welcome those buyers in, to a clean and tidy house!


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