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The worst home buying advice people actually believe.

Inmobiliaria Estate Agents, Ciudad Quesada

If you’re looking to buy a house in Spain and told all of your family and friends your exciting news, you’re bound to have at least one of them say “let me give you some advice.” After all, they’ve been there, done that or they’re “experts” in the Real Estate Market because they’ve watched countless episodes of A Place In The Sun.

We all know they’re only trying to be helpful, but just because people have an opinion doesn’t make them well informed experts. So when it comes to buying a house, that helpful advice can easily send you down the wrong path.

Here are a few of the worst home-buying advice people have heard:-


Why you might hear this: The housing bubble is going to burst again and you’d be better off waiting for prices to go down.

Why its bad advice: Unfortunately for any Real Estate Investor, no-one can predict exactly how the market is going to react to any world event. No-one can be spot on when it comes to predicting the future! So when it comes to finding that ideal home, why wait? The time isn’t someday soon…. It’s right now! What your family and friends never tell you is that prices will go up and to buy now before you miss the boat. Live for today, you don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring!


Why you might hear this: Saving money on agents’ commission, when you can do a deal direct… easy right? Wrong!

Why its bad advice: In any market, the best way to save money is by using a qualified Real Estate Agent, as they’re the ones that can guide you through the complete buying process, pointing out any potential problems that could cost you big time down the road. They will know how to negotiate the best deal for you and be able to point you in the right direction long after you’ve bought. Priceless!


Why you might hear this: That’s what they do on tv!

Why its bad advice: Making an extremely low offer can start negotiations off on the wrong foot with the seller. You want the best deal but you don’t want to halt negotiations before they even get going. Be reasonable with your offer. Serious buyers and sellers know what homes are worth. Your Real Estate Agent will be able to guide you on making the best offer.


Why you might hear this: Because only losers pay full price, right? WRONG!

Why its bad advice: Full price doesn’t always mean overpriced! However if that perfect home seems a little more than the going rate, and if it has everything you’ve been looking for, then paying full price may be the only way to secure it.

Everyone has an opinion in the property market, so thank your family and friends for their heartfelt input however, you can handle it from here with a professional Real Estate Agent on your side.


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