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You’ve saved and saved and saved and finally you’re ready to buy your home in Spain.

You’ve budgeted and are trying to save money wherever you can between buying costs and moving expenses. Beware! Don’t get carried away thinking you can do certain things yourself. Saving money on the wrong expenses could cost you in the long run!

In Spain any private individual can carry out conveyancing on a property they wish to buy. You don’t have to be a qualified Lawyer.

However, there are valid reasons why Lawyers are employed every single day to carry out conveyancing on properties people wish to buy! Lawyers are kept up-to-date with local laws and know their way around legalization of extensions, swimming pools, etc. They also understand terminology that you may not be accustomed to. A lack of knowledge will make you feel unnecessarily frustrated and could ultimately end up costing you the house of your dreams.

Lawyers are there to not only protect your interests and make sure you’re purchasing a legal property, but they’re also there to take away any unnecessary stress! And in todays world… that’s priceless!

If you’re attempting to complete your own conveyancing just to save yourself around €1,000, is really isn’t worth it! This is a minor expense compared to the price of your investment.

If there’s one thing that’s worth the extra cost, it’s using a Lawyer! You’ll have enough to concentrate on with the move. Let your Lawyer do what they are there to do… deal with the paperwork!

Are you on the hunt to buy your home in Spain? Before you start your property search, head to to download your complimentary “Spanish Property Buying Guide for 2021.”


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