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Selling during a pandemic does have its challenges. Viewings for example, may be a little awkward right now but definitely not impossible!

There are genuine buyers out there looking for a deal, but then again wouldn’t you be too if you were in their shoes?

So what if your property was on the market for sale and you had a buyer that loved your home, but was also looking for a great deal? How would you feel about receiving an offer?

Many people would be delighted to receive an offer on their home, but there are others that tend to second guess themselves when a serious offer is on the table.

It could be that knee jerk reaction…. “Someone is asking me to reduce my already fantastically priced and well cared for home? How dare they not pay me my asking price?”

When really you should be asking yourself “how would you feel if they walked away?”

I’ve seen many times where a vendor automatically assumes if they gratefully decline the first offer, the next one will surely be “the right one!” This is not the case! Just because you turned down one offer doesn’t mean that the next one is guaranteed to be more. It may even be… less!

If you need to close this chapter in your life and move on to the next, you should consider your first offer with care. If it means you can move on with your life, then do it!

Sometimes holding out for a figure you have in your head, could cost you a sale in the long run. We have always found that the first offer is usually the best one.

Selling a home is about more than just money, it’s about how smooth the transaction can be and moving on to the next chapter in your life. If you can make it work, then accepting the first offer will be the right move to make!

Thinking of selling your home but unsure of the paperwork required? Head to for a complimentary up-to-date list.


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