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Which Type Of Seller Are You?

Selling properties on the Costa Blanca for 30 years, means I’ve met with thousands, yes thousands, of very interesting local home sellers, along the way.  I’ve noticed sellers fall into different categories.  See if you recognize yourself in any of the groups?  Which type of home seller are you?

Are you the EMOTIONAL SELLER?  “I have to like my buyer, as I only want to sell to someone that will appreciate the blood, sweat and tears I’ve put in to it.” Maybe you’re more of a PRICE FIXER?  “I don’t care who buys, as long as they pay my price.” Or are you THE WAITER, kind of seller?  “I’m not in any hurry to sell, and if no-one wants to buy it, then I’m quite happy to wait.”

You could actually be THE REALIST.  “I want my property sold for the best price, but understand I may have to be sensible when it comes time to negotiate.”

Actually, you’re all the same, deep down.  Every one of these “types,” ultimately want to sell their properties.  If not, they wouldn’t have been on the market in the first place.  All would like to achieve the same goal, and that is, to sell.

Let me break it down:

The EMOTIONAL SELLER, does want to sell.  It’s just they feel uncomfortable with the thought that if someone buys their home, they’ll start throwing things out and changing everything.  They think, if they like their buyer, maybe they’ll make them feel guilty enough, that they daren’t change anything.  If you’re an EMOTIONAL SELLER, don’t let your feelings take over you.  Your buyer obviously likes the home as much as you did, when you originally bought it, so look at it more as a business deal, and push your feelings aside.

The PRICE FIXER, wants to sell too!  They’ve done their homework, and feel they’re competitively priced.  They haven’t increased their asking price to allow for a cheeky offer.  However, if you’re a PRICE FIXER type of seller, you stand the chance with being too fixated on a number, of which can mean you could lose out on a sale.  The market will determine your price, so be open to a little sensible negotiating.

The WAITER.  Of course they also want to sell.  However they’ve convinced themselves, that if no buyer comes along at the price they’ve chosen, then they’ll resign to staying put.  If you see yourself as, THE WAITER type of seller, the solution to this is… price fixes everything.  There is a buyer out there for every home, so don’t be negative and think that just because no one has made you an offer, you can mask your emotion with “I’m in no hurry to sell,” thoughts.  Price will ultimately dictate how many viewings you have, and bring forward an offer.

The REALIST.  This type of seller understands market conditions.  They know that even though they want to achieve the highest price possible, they understand that being sensible about an offer maybe the only way to move the sale along.

You see, it really doesn’t matter which category of seller you can see yourself in.  If you’re on the market, you must want the property sold!


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