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The problem everyone is facing right now is speculation. They’re all speculating if the property market will bounce back, or is it on hold for the immediate future.

On a wider scale, until international buyers return to our part of the world, it’s still a little too soon to say. However, there are people continuing to buy that are local to the area, or have been reserving by phone and video chat. People still have dreams of relocating to sunnier shores, or to own a holiday home where their family can share quality time together, and thanks to the area we’re all in, that will never change.

So where does that leave you as a vendor? Selling your home during a pandemic can seem like the unthinkable, but everyone has valid reasons why they need to move.

Maybe they have a growing family and need more space, or the opposite, and wish to downsize as they’re now empty nesters.

Whatever economy you’re in, no-one ever knows when the perfect time to buy or sell a home is, until it’s passed. So you need to take a deep breath and take that leap of faith, now.

Do you know what your home is worth in today’s market? Homeowners often think their property is worth more than what it is, due to their personal connection. Yes it’s hard to put a figure on memories, but overpricing could lead buyers to be suspicious as to why you’re on the market at a higher price than all the others in your area. You’d better be able to clearly explain the price increase to prospective buyers, otherwise you could risk being stigmatized as “the house no-one wants”.

Learn what your home is worth, and list it for sale close to that figure.

Ready to start the process of selling your home? I will be holding an online webinar* presentation on Friday 5th June 2020 at 12 noon. A “Sellers Guide Checklist!”.

Everything you need to know about selling a property on the Costa Blanca. And here’s what I want you to do: Register at to save your seat! There is a limit of attendees, so early registration is recommended.

*A webinar is a presentation held over the internet, that you can watch from your computer or mobile device in the comfort and safety of your own home. No webcam necessary, as I will be presenting in “watch only” mode. (You can wear your pj’s... no-one will know!)


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