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Understanding The Paperwork Required, To Sell Your Home In Spain

Is it easy to sell a home in Spain?  Is it complicated?  How will I understand the paperwork?  Not to worry my home-selling friends, I’ve got you covered! 


First of all you don’t need to speak Spanish to be able to sell.  All you need to understand is, what paperwork will be required.  I’ve prepared a brief overview of what you’ll need.

1.The Escritura – These are the Title Deeds.  The wording you’re actually looking for is “Escritura De Compraventa.”  Translation: Title Deeds of purchase/sale.  You may come across other documents amongst your paperwork that look very similar to the Escritura, but may have the wording “Poder” or “Testamento.”  

The “Poder” is a Power Of Attorney (you may have given someone authorization to sign for the property on your behalf), and “Testamento” will be your Will (Testament).  If you can’t find your “Escritura” don’t panic!  You can always go back to the Notary where you signed and request a duplicate.  On some occasions, you can even sell with just a Land Registry Search.

2. N.I.E. Certificate/Residencia.  (Numero Identificacion Extranjeros)  Translation: Foreign Identification number.  This is your Spanish Tax Number.

3. Cedula De Habitabilidad.  Translation: Habitation Certificate.  This is obtained from your local Town Hall, through an Architect.

4.Certificado Energetica.    Translation:  Energy Certificate.  This is the equivalent of an E.P.C. in the U.K.  This too is obtained from an Architect.

5.Latest Utility Receipts:  Water, Electric, Gas, Community Fees.

6.Latest Suma receipt.  This is the equivalent of the Council Tax.  

7.Original Passport, (not a photocopy) as proof of identity.

As long as you can find your paperwork, the process is not difficult.  The beauty about being in Spain is, if you can’t find your relevant papers, you can always request a duplicate!

Selling?  Enjoy the journey!


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