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If you’re trying to sell your own home and you’re doing the viewings yourself, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and get carried away with this process. Go easy on how you show your property and what you say, as you could end up talking yourself into a sale, and right back out again.

Here are 3 things to avoid, when showing your own home:

1. Show the home from the entrance to the exit. This means to welcome the buyers through the front door, and not through patio doors, or any other access into the home. You need to create the perfect flow to present the property at it’s best. Working your way through the lounge, to the kitchen, then bedrooms and bathroom. Then finish with the garden.

2. Avoid talking too much. Features and upgrades are not all welcomed in the same way, so don’t be eager to talk about them as soon as your buyer walks through your door. What you believe to be an upgrade, may not be classed as one at all, in your buyer’s eyes.

3. Don’t overpower a buyer. Let them have a leisurely look around, instead of whisking them through room after room.

Being eager and enthusiastic is great, however, being pushy and creating a whirlwind is not.

Selling? Enjoy the journey!

For more tips on selling your property, head to for your complimentary copy of my, “80 things not to neglect when selling your property," report.


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