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After speaking with thousands of local home sellers over the last 3 decades, it’s apparent there are 4 categories of vendors. Falling into the wrong category could jeopardize your chances of selling your property.

Discover quickly which type of vendor you are and triple your chances of achieving a sale.

Here are the 4 categories:

The emotional seller - “I must like my buyer, as I only want to sell to someone that will appreciate the blood, sweat and tears I’ve put into this home.”

The price setter - “I don’t care who buys, as long as they pay my price!”

The waiter - “I’m not in any hurry to sell, and if no one wants to meet my price, then I’m quite happy to wait!”

The realist - “I want my property sold for the best price, but also understand I have to be sensible when it comes time to negotiate.”

Which category would you put yourself in?

Bad news if you recognize yourself as being in categories 1, 2 or 3. The market isn’t strong enough to be an emotional seller, a price setter or even a waiter.

Selling a home as a “realist” means they appreciate the current market conditions. They understand that attaining the best price will happen as long as they are sensible when it comes to their asking price and negotiating an offer. Holding out for a buyer they like, a price that’s too high or someone that doesn’t even exist will decrease their chances of a sale, dramatically.

Triple your chances of selling by changing these three things:

Your mindset - Change your way of thinking and become “The Realist.”

Your emotions - This is a business deal, so keep your emotions out of it. Your price! Look at what’s selling around you. Making a price adjustment will make a huge difference. Price fixes everything!

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