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It’s definitely safe to say that almost everyone has faced extreme challenges this year. From an Estate Agents perspective, this year we’ve had to deal with some heartbreaking stories of reasons why people have needed to sell.

I am glad to say it’s not all sad stories though, there are other reasons for selling properties this year like requiring more room to work from home. The main reason was needing more outside space whether that be a garden, roof solarium or just a bigger balcony.

This year has highlighted for many, the exact characteristics they really want in a home and what features they’re willing to compromise on.

Selling properties this year “virtually” has been challenging. Not impossible I hasten to add! But definitely challenging! We’ve had to come up with creative ways to show houses to prospective buyers that aren’t even in Spain. To this I say “thank God for technology!” WhatsApp video calls, FaceTime and Zoom have been a Godsend!

Back in April when we were allowed to start showing properties again in person, was scary. We only knew as much as everyone else did about the virus, and the thought of showing someone around other peoples homes was a frightening prospect.

We created our own “Very Important Protection” (V.I.P.) bags and kitted all our prospective buyers out with face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and even shoe covers! As it turned out, this was the smartest thing we could have done. Both our buyers and homeowners appreciated our extreme efforts and were grateful we have kept them all in a safe environment for viewings.

On a few occasions this year we did have to postpone some completions, but not as many as we were anticipating. Buyers from abroad have made it over to Spain to complete their purchases whereas some sellers chose to leave Power Of Attorney in order to complete their sale without them being here.

Remember this... No matter what, there are always solutions for practically everything!

If you’re a buyer outside of Spain that’s ready to reserve a home here but the additional cost of a PCR test is holding you back from travelling right now, we have the solution! Anyone that reserves a property to buy through us during the month of December 2020, we will pay for up to two PCR tests!

Send an email to with the subject line “December to remember” to claim your voucher!


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