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There are many people that love D.I.Y. They’ve got the tools, the ideas, the enthusiasm, but unfortunately what they lack are the skills!

It’s great being a homeowner as you can try your hand at all kinds of D.I.Y. You’ve watched hundreds of “how to” episodes and now you believe you’re ready to be let loose!

Whatever D.I.Y. project, or general home improvement you trust yourself to do, you need to make sure you’re following through and finish off what it is you’ve started. It’s easy to get bored if something becomes tricky or difficult to complete.

Even with something as simple as lighting. If you’ve installed lights but later found the wiring too complicated, don’t walk away leaving it incomplete. Call a pro- fessional.

If your property is on the market for sale and you have any D.I.Y. jobs left undone, make sure they’re completed before any buyers visit. Nothing looks worse than incomplete work.

When buyers find jobs left undone, their knee-jerk reaction will be “what else is wrong here?” It becomes a difficult thought process to overturn and makes it nearly impossible for the agent to redirect their buyers into making an offer that would reflect a fair market val- ue.

Lighting makes a huge difference when showing a home, so if you have them... make sure they all work!

If you have unfinished work around your house, get it fixed before offering the property for sale otherwise you’ll risk buyers referring to yours as, “The House That Jack Built!”

Thinking of selling your property? Ready to start the ball rolling but not in Spain right now?

Head to to discover how easy the process is!


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