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Is your home sitting on the market for sale with no offers? Here’s the 3 biggest mistakes home sellers make, that could jeopardize their sale in 2022:

  1. What colour are the interior walls? If the walls are a reflection of your bright personality, you need to tone them down before showing a buyer around your home. Some people do like a pop of colour here and there, but not entire walls. Neutral colours allow buyers to imagine themselves living there.

  2. Clutter - Even if you’re upsizing due to the lack of storage space, don’t draw the buyers attention to this fact. Pack away anything you’re not using on a daily basis.

  3. Price - Overpricing your property will prove you’re just not ready to let it go. Buyers don’t make offers on overpriced properties. If you’re really ready to sell, sort your price out stat! Price fixes everything!

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