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Using a friend to sell your home? This choice is full of risks, but more importantly, it could jeopardize the success of your home sale.

Using a family member or friend can become fraught. They’ll find it difficult to advise you on price. You’ll naturally want as much as you can get, but they daren’t tell you the true value as they could hurt your feelings. It’s difficult to disagree on price when it’s between family or friends.

If the house doesn’t sell quickly enough, tension grows, and things get awkward.

Even friends want paying! Using a friend, you may think would save you money. However they’ll be expecting to be paid too! This is the ultimate cringeworthy dialogue, that no-one wants to have with a friend.

Money is the highest reason for destroying friendships the fastest. If you want to keep your friendly relationship going – use an independent Real Estate Agent!

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