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Yes we all agree, it’s hot outside! But we are in August after all, and that means the summer heat isn’t going anywhere just yet.

I truly believe you do become acclimatized over time. Have you noticed how you feel the cold more than your family and friends do, when they visit?

Now picture this…. You’re feeling the August temperatures and you live here, so imagine how buyers feel visiting from other countries further North!

When you’re unable to stand the heat any longer, you can sit in front of the air conditioning unit or go for a cooling dip in the pool. Now how would you feel as a buyer, walking through house after house? You’d want to be in and out of the house as quickly as possible to get back in the car, to the comfort of air conditioning!

If your property is on the market during the August heat, you need to make the home as inviting as possible. Buyers will be looking at more than just one home, so you need to encourage them to stay that bit longer in yours. If it’s uncomfortable for them to take an in depth look inside your property, you could risk them being in and out too quick. They’ll never remember what they’ve seen and yours will never make it onto their short list!

Here are 3 tips to make your buyers never want to leave:

1) Is your house too dark? Keeping your shutters down during the day will definitely help keep the heat at bay. But remember to lift them up during a viewing appointment. First impression counts! If your buyers enter your home with all the shutters down, the room will feel uninviting. According to the Psychology of House Hunting report by BMO Financial Group, 80% of prospective buyers know if a home is right for them within seconds of stepping inside! The brain processes far more information in less time than we think! Remember this… A light house feels spacious. A dark house feels small.

2) Does your home smell bad? We all become nose blind over time. I’ve seen the advert on the television, as I’m sure you have too. Smelly laundry baskets, teenagers (sorry kids!), pets, bathrooms and kitchens… reach for the Febreze! Buyers can be very quickly turned off by bad smells. They never imagine their dream Spanish home looking all perfect, but with a nasty odour great them at the door! Make sure the laundry hampers are clear of any dirty washing. Teenagers rooms are aired. Pets beds and food bowls are clean and hidden away. Cat litter trays are cleaned and out of sight. Bathrooms and kitchens…. Clean all countertops and tip floor cleaner down the sinks right before a viewing. Overcomplicated smells can be very off putting. Keep the same fragrance throughout the home. Jasmine and orange blossom are at the top of the list when tourists were questioned about their favourite Spanish garden smells!

3)A cool home is an inviting home. If you have air conditioning units, don’t be afraid to use them. Even if you’re trying to conserve energy, turn them on during all viewing appointments. By turning on your ceiling fan at the same time as your air conditioning unit will be more energy efficient. This helps spread the cool air around the room faster than just the unit alone. It certainly cools the room down quicker, thus saving you money because you won’t have to run the air conditioning for long to feel the effect! Your home will feel so comfortable, your buyers will never want to leave!

For more tips and advice on selling your home, head to to download your complimentary copy of my “80 Things You Can’t Afford To Neglect When Selling Your Home!”


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