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Is your home currently on the market for sale? Expecting to get top Euro?

It makes no difference on nationality, all buyers are on the hunt to purchase the best home their money can buy. They won’t be stretching themselves to their maximum budget if there are things in the property that will need fixing or repairing. They won’t tell you directly, but any repairs that need to be seen to will reflect in their offer, like it or not.

Make sure you pay attention to these 3 things, or they could end up costing you thousands!

1. Repair any significant deficiencies. Buyers and their agents tend to drastically overestimate the repair costs and often use any necessary repairs as a leverage tool for negotiating a lower price.

2. Rearrange furniture to create more space. If you’re selling your property “fully furnished,” buyers will be looking closely at what is being included. If it’s looking a little worse for wear, consider removing it from the room completely, or strategically covering any imperfections.

3. Emphasize windows and natural light - Clean, repair, or replace blinds or curtains and make sure they are always open for the property listing photos AND during viewings. Buyers always assume the worst - If the room is dark… what are you hiding?

For more tips on achieving the most amount of money for your home sale, head to for a list of the 80 things you can’t afford to neglect when selling your home!


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