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Why do people say things before thinking? It’s more common than you would believe, when homeowners are selling their property, to hear the odd comment here and there, that is a complete hindrance on the sale of their home.

People forget themselves sometimes, and instead of “keeping mum,” they find themselves just itching to add in their “two penneth” into the conversation.

What they don’t realize is the buyer is listening to their every single word, and will keep it in their thoughts until the time comes to use your comment, to strategically make a low offer.

One subject that would be avoidable, is talking about the price of the home. If the buyer wishes to make an offer, let them talk it through with your Real Estate Agent. Making a comment like, “we know we’re on the high side, but we’re not in any hurry to sell,” will most certainly turn a potential buyer off.

Another avoidable subject is location. Not every home is in a highly desirable area, so don’t highlight this fact. Not every buyer will like your location. Just because you like being close to the shops, or bars and restaurants, doesn’t mean everyone else will.

Nosey neighbours! If you don’t know who your nosey neighbour is, then you must be it! I like to think of this as being a positive, but again, it can turn buyers off, if they think someone will be watching their every move. So don’t feel it necessary to point out where the “curious” neighbours reside!

Features and upgrades are not all welcomed in the same way, so don’t be so eager to talk about them as soon as your buyer walks through your door. What you believe to be an upgrade, may not be classed as one at all, in your buyer’s eyes!

You don’t want your buyer running away from your home, faster than the running of the bulls in Pamplona! Always better to “mantener silencio” (keep quiet) and let your Real Estate Agent, do all of the talking!


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