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After selling local Spanish homes during the last three decades, it’s safe to say I’ve been through my fair share of up’s and down’s in the property market.

Selling a home during a pandemic is new to everyone, but it doesn’t have to feel like you’re trying to sell in a Halloween nightmare! I get asked all the time, “what should we do first?” To start the process go to for a list of the 80 things you can’t afford to neglect when selling your home!

There are always valid reasons why people need to buy or sell a home. It doesn’t matter if it’s during a pandemic or in a financial recession. Life doesn’t stand still. It keeps moving forward. The real question is, how do you move forward with it?

First of all you need to stop worrying about things you can’t control, and focus on the things you can!

If your property is currently on the market, or you’re in the process of listing it for sale you can start by checking it’s not you that could be scaring the buyers away!

Double check you’ve removed anything that could give a buyer the heebie-jeebies!

Here are a 4 things to get you started:

1. Too many locks – An excessive amount of locks on the doors sends out the wrong signals. Even if you’re the “better safe than sorry” type, this does put people off. Buyers will think they’re in a high crime area, and will not want to hang around long enough to find out whether it’s true or not!

2. Uncomfortable art – What you think is classy, others may not, and displaying nude photography can be a turn off for some buyers. Yes it’s displayed in the privacy of your home, but remember, when buyers are looking around they are trying to envisage themselves living there. And how can they do that, if their eyes are too fixated on the art and not the room? Many buyers will be offended. You don’t want the buyer to feel uncomfortable. You want to encourage them to stay!

3. Half done repairs – What you think looks good, someone that doesn’t know you, may not! So you’ve put hard work in making some much needed repairs around the home, but are you a skilled craftsman/woman? I have been in a few “houses of horror” in my time! By getting in a qualified handyman, would soon make these horror houses become “dream homes!” It shouldn’t cost too much to get the simple things fixed, like changing light bulbs, fixing kitchen doors and stopping that dripping tap to make it look like your house isn’t actually falling apart!

4. Unfriendly pets – No matter how much you love your beloved fur babies, not everyone feels the same. Some may have had a frightening encounter before, whilst others may have allergies. Either way, you need to keep your pets under control when you have a viewing appointment. This would be a great time to take them for a walk, or keep them in a pet carrier. It’s not for long, but buyers will appreciate your gesture, while giving them time to have a good look around.

It’s not the market you need to be scared of, it’s how you’re presenting your home to a buyer!

Don’t be afraid to list your home on the market for sale. Now is as good a time as any!

For tips on preparing your home for sale, head to for a list of the 80 things you can’t afford to neglect when selling your home.


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