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Even though you may have only just purchased your new home in Spain, it doesn’t hurt to think about its resale value.

Did you buy it with the intention of making a quick profit, or do you intend to be there for the long haul? Either way, it’s always good to know you’ve made a great investment.

Here are 3 signs to help you discover if you’ll break even or have the potential to make a tidy profit:

  1. Did you pay above the going rate of comparable homes in your area? By paying above market value, it may take a while to catch up on price before you’ll break even.

  2. Is your neighbourhood popular? If there aren’t many properties available, demand will inevitably push prices up.

  3. Does the floorpan appeal to a wide audience? To attract a wider pool of buyers, it’s always advisable to have at least one bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor.

Ready to cash in on your property? Call me today for a FREE home valuation on (+34) 966 718 392.


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