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We can all hear the sharp intake of air when you discover the price of your dream home. More often than not, it’s higher than what you’d ideally like to pay.

You’ve watched hundreds of episodes of A Place In The Sun. You’ve seen how they do it on t.v. and now you think you’re ready to make an offer that won’t be refused!

So how can you make sure your offer will be accepted?

When crafting your offer remember this…

· The fewer homes that are available for sale means your offer needs to be pretty close, if not the full asking price.

· The more homes that are on the market for sale means you can go in with a sensible offer.

Beware! Go too low and you could offend the seller, then they won’t be open to any negotiation at all….. it’s their memories that they’re putting a price on after all, so be compassionate.

Don’t get carried away with the property programmes. They often advise in making a cheeky offer, but what you must take into consideration is the year in which the programme originally aired. Like any housing market in the world, it does fluctuate from year to year.

So when it comes to negotiating on that perfect price, all offers may be welcome, but only a few will be considered!


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