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Following on from last week.  It’s easier than you think to buy a property in Spain with confidence, without being here to see it in person!

If you feel like you’ll never snap up a bargain again because you’re not able to travel to Spain yet, this is your solution…

Recap from last week:  You’ve already chosen your device (computer, iPad or smart phone) to prepare for your virtual viewing appointment.  You’ve selected which video platform you prefer to use (Zoom, WhatsApp video, FaceTime).  And lastly you have a stable internet connection.  Fibre is the best solution, but 4G and wifi do work too.

The next step is the live virtual viewing appointment.  This should be as exciting on screen as if you were walking through the property in person!

It’s always best to have your questions already prepared and written down before you start.  The Real Estate Agent should know every detail of the home, and should be able to answer each and every query you have.  So don’t hold back!

During the live video call as the agent is virtually walking you through the property on screen, pay attention to what they’re saying but get them to go back to a room if you’re unsure and want a better look around.  They’re your eyes, ears and nose too!  So don’t be afraid to ask them if it’s noisy or even smells funny.

Here are just a few points of what you should be looking for during the video call:  

•Look for marks on the walls.  This is a good telltale sign if the property has been rented out previously.

•Ask for all shutters to be up/open.  Is the room dark or light?  

•Does the property have a musty smell?

•Is it on a busy road or have noisy neighbours?

If you’re as excited about the property at the end of the video call as you were in anticipation of seeing it, you’re ready to put your offer forward.  Make sure you understand and know all costs that are involved in purchasing a property in Spain before presenting an offer.  You may need to take the legal costs into account with your offer.  

Offer accepted?  You’ll be required to pay a deposit to reserve the property and take it off the market.  Do so on the understanding that it will be refunded to you, should the paperwork not be legal and/or unsatisfactory.   

Never purchase a property in Spain without a Lawyer!  This does go without saying, but this means exactly that.  Use a Lawyer and only a Lawyer (Abogado/a).  There are lots of people in Spain that do offer services like that of a Lawyer, however if they aren’t an official Lawyer, there’s no guarantee behind their service.  Spanish Lawyers are qualified and legally bonded.  Private individuals are not.  To recap… look for the word “Abogado/a.”  If you don’t already know or have contact with a qualified Lawyer in Spain, your Real Estate Agent should be able to point you in the right direction.  They will then be able to carry out the conveyancing to check the legality of the property and make sure there are no outstanding debts.

When purchasing a property in Spain, you will need an N.I.E. number.  This is the equivalent in Spain to a National Insurance Number in the U.K.  You do not need one to reserve a property.  You will need one to complete the purchase.  Your Lawyer will guide you on the application process of obtaining a Spanish tax number.  (N.I.E.)

My advice would be to request a longer completion, to allow yourself the time to be here in person.  However, your Lawyer will be able to advise you on arranging a Power Of Attorney, if you can’t make it to Spain in time for your agreed completion date.

And lastly, local bank accounts can be opened online.  Ask your Real Estate Agent for advice.

See how easy it is!  Buying a home in Spain without being here can be done from anywhere in the world!

Thanks to technology, it’s not difficult at all to buy a property in Spain without being here in person.  Obviously knowing an area will definitely help when choosing to reserve your property online, but you can always ask the Real Estate Agent to walk you down the street on video link, so you can look at the neighbouring homes and general area too.

Buying a property in Spain without being here can be done after an accompanied virtual viewing appointment.  It’s a great option for you to not miss out on a fabulous deal again!  Personally speaking, we have 100% success rate with buyers reserving online.  Every buyer has been delighted with their purchase once they made it out to Spain, and saw it in person!

Ready to see what superb, legal homes are available for sale?  Stop missing out once and for all, and start your virtual buying process now —>  Head to today!


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