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No one wants to be reminded of messy life situations like a divorce, and it certainly won’t help your selling position if you’re the seller of a home. Keep papers, boxes, arguments, distress, medications, your divorced-but-looking dating site application (just kidding), and anything else that says “I’m desperate to sell” well hidden.

Clues like scarce furnishings, and not making simple, obvious repairs all “say” something about motivation.

Try to keep your personal life personal. Minimize you and maximize the home. De-personalize the home and shoot for it looking like a model home – modern, bright and light without over embellished personal mementos or lingering cooking odours.

Keep the environment in your home neutral.

Think romance – lighting that’s inviting, ambience that’s soothing, music that will usher them calmly from room to room, and fragrances that are fresh and not overpowering. You want them to stay and enjoy your environment.

Think it doesn’t matter? It does!

Always know that when you are selling your home and buyers are looking around to see if this house suits them, they will stumble across giveaway clues unless you stage your home correctly.

Even sharing that a baby’s on the way, and more space is needed, could lead them to believe they have the upper hand in negotiations, because they think you’re on a deadline to move before the baby arrives, and may lower your price. In all my years of real estate sales, one thing is certain: buyer

s are detectives. They notice everything and usually download these visuals and bring them up for discussion when deciding what price to offer on your home.

Be aware of what your home is saying when you are not home, and you will be glad you listened to this sound advice.

For guidance on selling your home, contact me today on 966 718 392 for award winning, expert advice. Specialists in the Ciudad Quesada and surrounding areas.


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