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What does buying within a community actually mean?

When purchasing a property with shared communal areas such as a swimming pool, gardens, entrances, garages, etc. there will be annual charges that must be paid. They are for the general maintenance and upkeep. The communal fees are shared between all properties within the community.

These charges are generally split into four payments a year (quarterly). They can vary depending on the amount of properties that belong to the community. The communal charges also depend on the size of the land the property sits on. Homes that are on corner plots usually incur higher fees.

Each community has different rules that must be abided by. For example, you can’t change the colour of the exterior paintwork without prior consent. Or use the swimming pool out of the stated hours of use. Want to remove a tree or add on an extension? If the community rules say no, it’s a no!

A community is run by a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and a company of Administrators. These positions are elected by a voting system between all homeowners within the community. A meeting (AGM) is usually held once a year. This is a particularly good way of meeting your neighbours as many hold barbecues or drinks after!

In general the benefits of being on a community makes sure all shared amenities run smoothly and look their best!

Purchasing a property within a community is a good option if you’re wanting to have the use of certain types of amenities such as a swimming pool, but without the maintenance of looking after it yourself!

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