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Purchasing a property in Spain, couldn’t be any easier! With cash in the bank, you’re ready to find and secure your future home in the sun. Here’s a sure-fire way to get the property you want, in 3 easy steps:

UNO: Find a home to buy. By creating a list of “must-haves” and “would like to have,” will help your Real Estate Agent know what’s important to you, and what you’re willing to compromise on. If you have this clear vision set out first, it will speed up your house hunting journey!

DOS: Make an offer that’s too good to refuse. The property market is very busy with lots of other people trying to buy their dream home too, so you need to make your offer stand out from the rest, in order to secure your future home. When making your offer, stress to your Real Estate Agent if you are cash buyers, as this always has a positive influence on a seller. Plus, be flexible on the timescale. If your seller is trying to work to certain dates for completion, knowing that you are flexible will help with their decision to accept your offer or not. It’s not always, just about the money!

TRES: Pay & Move In. Use a currency company like MoneyCorp to transfer your funds over to Spain. Their charges are so much cheaper than the bank. To finalize your purchase, you’ll sign the Title Deeds in front of a Notary, and pay your balance monies to the seller. At that point, the keys to your new home will be handed over to you, and all that’s left is... Moving in!

It can be a very simple process to purchase a property in Spain, but always use a Lawyer to carry out the conveyancing. They’ll do all relevant checks to make sure your future home is legal and debt-free!

Buying? Enjoy the journey!

For an up-to-date selection of legal and debt-free homes, head to for the latest deals, all handpicked by me.


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