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Buying A Property Without Seeing It?

Did you think about purchasing a property without seeing it in person first? Well, there are many people that actually take the leap of faith and do! And guess what, it was a great decision for them!

Thanks to today’s technology, buying a home without physically seeing it first, is more common than you think.

If you are thinking of buying a house “sight unseen,” make sure you follow these guidelines:

1) Find a Real Estate Agent you trust. If you don’t trust your agent to give you a truly honest opinion, then this option is not for you. You need them to be your eyes and ears, and not only tell you the good things, but you need to hear the bad things too.

2) Watch the virtual tour. This is a great option, as you can have a better look throughout the home, going through room by room. You can easily see things like flooring to air conditioning units mounted on the walls. Also, if the home is being sold furnished, you can have the inventory next to you as you scan each room.

3) If possible, have a friend take a look for you. If you have a friend you can trust, then let them give you their honest opinion. They know what you like and can tell you first hand, what condition the property is in. Will it need updating, or is it ready to move into?

4) Most important of all: You need to accept the home will not be 100% perfect. There maybe small things that you won’t like, or need fixing. As long as you are prepared, it will be fine.

As it turned out, in every property that I have sold over the phone “sight unseen,” the buyers were delighted!

When the property market is busy, and the purchaser doesn’t have the possibility to travel to Spain to take a look at a home for themselves, then the only way to move forward is buying it without seeing it!


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