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Buying a home, whether here in Spain or any other country, will be one of the biggest investments you can make in your life. If you’re thinking of purchasing with a mortgage, then now is definitely the time to buy!

For years, the Spanish banks have been charging a small fortune to set up your mortgage, not forgetting the taxes, valuations and general administration fees. But no longer my amigos! Since November last year, Spain have had to stop passing these fees on to the property purchaser, which now means you’ll be saving an incredible amount of money when you buy!

If you’re currently on the hunt to buy a home here, and need either a full mortgage or just a top up loan to be able to increase your overall budget, the local banks are offering some amazing deals right now.

In plain terms, this means when you purchase a property with cash or a mortgage, the legal costs are the same! Incredible right? I know! Even I didn’t think this would ever happen, and it did!

But, how long before they invent a different type of fee and call it something else? So don’t leave it, take advantage now. Whilst they’re offering, we’re taking!

No excuses now for not putting your offer forward!

Cash might be king, but credit is the prince charming!


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