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Purchasing a holiday home should be an exciting time! You’ve worked hard saving up for this investment. Or maybe you’re honoring a loved one and are buying a property with your inheritance. Either way, there will be a few things you need to consider.

Before you start your property search, have a clear vision of what you want in a holiday home. For example:

1. Will you be wanting to rent the property out? If so, short term or long term?

2. Keeping it for your own use? What time of year will you be intending on using it?

If you’re hoping to use your investment as an income, i.e. renting it out, how many people are you wanting to cater for? If you were to purchase a two bedroomed property, you can accommodate up to 6 people by using a sofa bed too!

Access to a swimming pool is usually a “must have” on any holiday mak- ers wish list, especially if you’re wanting to benefit from renting during the spring and summer months, i.e. short term rentals.

However if you prefer to cater to a long term rental, then swimming pools are not so important.

If you have no intention of renting your property out, deciding on an area is also a factor to take into consideration for yourself. If you are planning on using the property at all times throughout the year, you need to be in an area that remains open. Being closer to the beach means you’ll be the only people around in the winter months. Whereas being in a resi- dential area, means you’ll always have amenities open, no matter when you choose to visit.

For information on the buying process in the Costa Blanca, head to to download a complimentary “Spanish Property Buying Guide for 2021”.


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