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A Successful Home Sale In 5 Easy Steps

“How can I possibly sell my home, when I don’t live here?” I hear you ask. “It is such a stressful time, trying to organize everything when I live so far away,” I hear you sigh. Don’t worry! The process is much easier than you think.

Here are 5 steps for a successful sale:

Have your documents at the ready! You’ll need:

. The Escritura (Title Deeds) And don’t panic if you can’t find the original. You can always go back to the Notary where you signed and request a duplicate. On some occasions, you can sell with just a Land Registry Search.

. N.I.E. Certificates. If you can’t find them and have been registered with the Spanish Inland Revenue, you don’t need to apply for a duplicate, you just need to request your Tax Labels “Etiquetas.”

. Habitation Certificate. This is obtained from the Town Hall, through a local Architect.

. Energy Efficiency Certificate. This too is obtained from an Architect.

. A utility receipt for: Water, Electric, Gas, Community Fees.

. Latest Suma receipt. This is the equivalent of the Council Tax.

. For the day of completion, you will need your original Passport, as proof of identity.

If you’re intentions are to transfer your funds back to the U.K.,

after you’ve completed your sale, speak to a currency company like MoneyCorp as far in advance as possible, as you will need to set up an account with them. They will be able to offer you a much better deal than the local banks, to move your money back.

Once you are close to your completion date, go to your local bank to stop all direct debits. You’ll want to do this, just a couple of days in advance of the big day.

Organize the removal of your furnishings and/or personal effects. If you need boxes, go to the local supermarkets. They usually leave their unwanted boxes outside. I’m sure you’ve seen them!

If you can’t be in Spain for completion, leave Power Of Attorney to sell, with your trusted Lawyer. Bear in mind, costings do vary from Lawyer to Lawyer.

So there you have it…. Simple really! But most importantly is not to stress out, about your impending move. Try to enjoy the journey, and go with the flow!


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