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7 Words To Understand When Buying In Spain!

Buying a home on the Costa Blanca? Here’s a quick translation of the 7 most important words you’ll hear during the buying process:

1. ESCRITURA: (“Ess-kree-tour-a”) Title Deeds

2. NOTARIO: (“No-ta-reo”) Notary; A Public Official Authorised By The Government That Prepare The Title Deeds.

3. REGISTRO DE LA PROPIEDAD: (“Reh-hist-row Day La Prop-e-eh-dad”) Land Registry

4. NOTA SIMPLE: (“Not-ah Sim-play”) Land Registry Search

5. ABOGADO: (“A-bow-ga-doe”) Lawyer

6. HIPOTECA: (“Ippo-tech-a”) Mortgage

7. N.I.E. (Numero Identificacion Extranjero): (Pronounced “New-meh-row E-dent-if-e-kath-eon Ex-tran-hay-row”) Foreign Tax Identification Number; Most times you’ll hear the locals say “Knee-eh” for short.

With practice, you’ll be able to say them yourself!

When purchasing a property here it is always advisable to use a Lawyer. Most, if not all local Lawyers will speak English, however learning a few technical words is fun too!

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