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If you’ve been thinking about selling your property, you’re probably ready to pick up your phone and call your local Real Estate Agent.

But before making that call, here’s 5 things to make sure your property is ready to be listed for sale:

  1. Find your “Escritura De Compraventa” (Title Deeds)

  2. Have a copy of your utility bills to hand

  3. Make a copy of your TIE card / Residencia or N.I.E. Certificate

  4. Prepare the property for sale (Declutter, Repair, Paint)

  5. Call your chosen Real Estate Agent!

When choosing your ideal Real Estate Agent remember this… Not all Estate Agents are alike! The Real Estate professional you choose to represent your home sale will absolutely make or break the deal.

Is the agent you choose one who will be passive or proactive? Is this individual a true Real Estate Professional, or just someone selling houses part time? The answer will make the difference between failure and success for you. Don’t make the mistake of choosing someone based on personality or likability. Choose a Real Estate professional who is authentically focused on the success of your home being sold.

Any agent can stick a sign in your garden, take pictures and write and negotiate contracts. But so much more than mundane activities go into a successful and profitable sale, especially during a pandemic!

Be realistic. We all want as much as we can get for our home, however some agents will blind you with a promise of a higher selling figure. This is a common strategy for a novice agent. However the more established agents know this strategy only works to encourage you to list your property for sale with them. Be careful as they’ll be wanting you to reduce your price later or encourage you to take a cheeky offer.

Price will ultimately determine how long or how quick your property will take to sell.

The best professional succeeds by telling you the truth about what needs to be done to move the sale along successfully instead of only telling you what you want to hear. A strong success record equals a strong agent.

To check you have all papers required to sell your property, head to to download a complimentary list!


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