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Selling your home can be an exciting but stressful experience. It's important to prepare your property and take the right steps to attract potential buyers.

Here’s 3 top tips for selling your home:

  1. Stage it to sell: This can make a big difference in how it’s perceived by potential buyers. This involves decluttering, cleaning and rearranging your furniture to create an inviting and spacious feel.

  2. Price it correctly: Pricing your home correctly is crucial for attracting potential buyers. Price it too high, and you risk turning off buyers and having your home sit on the market for too long.

  3. Maximize your home’s online presence: Having a robust online presence for your home is crucial in the current digital era. Make sure it’s listed on popular real estate websites, and include high quality photos, videos and a detailed description of your home’s features.

Selling in the Ciudad Quesada or surrounding urbanisations? We have buyers! Contact me today on 966 718 392 for a free valuation.

Ready to buy? Download “The ultimate property buying guide for 2023”:


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