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You’ve sold! You’ve found yourself a buyer... Hooray! You’ve agreed a move out date and you’re well on your way to completion. Everything is going according to plan.

It’s easy to get complacent with how well your sale is progressing, but sometimes there are little hiccups along the way.

Take notice of these 3 things that could jeopardize your sale:

1. HAVING NO FLEXIBILITY - With the current pandemic buyers have valid reasons for why they need you as a seller, to be flexible. Travel restrictions for one, could mean they aren’t able to make the agreed date for completion, and may need to delay by a few days or even a few weeks. If you’re being awkward and won’t accept a delay, you may lose your buyer completely. Do you really want to go through this whole process again and try to find another buyer? I think not. We all need to be a little flexible right now. So take a deep breath and have some patience. Both you and your buyer want the transaction to take place, so work through it together. It’ll be worth the wait!

2. REMOVING MORE ITEMS THAN WHAT WAS ON THE INVENTORY - Your buyer will be inspecting the property before heading to the Notary to complete the purchase/sale. They’ll be checking you’ve left all items that you agreed to include in the deal. If you think they won’t notice, they will! All homes have been photographed and videoed. Buyers have been watching those videos over and over again and have probably memorized every item in the house! Don’t be tempted to take more than you agreed to, or you’ll run the risk of money being held back by the buyers Lawyer to pay for a replacement!

3. NOT HAVING YOUR PAPERWORK IN ORDER - This is the number one reason why sales fall apart. It is always advisable to seek guidance from a professional before offering your property for sale. Check up front what paperwork you’ll be required to supply to be able to complete your sale without any delays.

For a complimentary list of the paperwork required to sell your property head to


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