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We all know the issue right now regarding getting out and about. Especially with the travel restrictions. But life will not be limited like this forever!

Reserving a property now, ready for your future is the best way of securing a great investment.

In 2020 it was reported that 82% of the population needed something to look forward to, to keep a healthy and positive mind. After just one week of being in lockdown their wish was travelling to warmer shores again. Spain has always stood the test of time as being the most popular holiday destination in Europe. We’ve witnessed that first hand!

So what if you can’t actually make it to the area you wish to buy a home in? Bearing in mind, you’re not the only ones looking!

There are buyers that are able to visit, especially if they’re moving within the same area. By putting your search on hold, you could risk losing out on a great opportunity!

Thanks to technology, buying a home without physically seeing it in person, is more common than you think. It’s called buying “sight unseen.”

If you’re thinking of buying a house “sight unseen,” here are 3 top tips to reserving a home without stepping one foot inside!:

1. Find a local Real Estate Agent you trust. You need them to be your eyes and ears, and not only tell you the good things, but you need to hear the bad things too. Make sure they’re local to the area you’re buying in. A local Agent will know all the ins and outs from a social perspective, and not just read you a list of facts about the property.

2. Watch the virtual tour (video). This is the best option, as you can have a thorough look throughout the home, going through room by room. You can easily see things like flooring to air conditioning units mounted on the walls. Also, if the home is being sold furnished, you can have the inventory next to you, as you scan each room.

3. Most important of all: You need to accept the home will not be 100% perfect. There may be small things that you won’t like, or that need fixing. As long as you’re prepared, it will work out fine.

Buying a home “sight unseen” is a great option and very popular right now. Use the technology that’s out there, to your own benefit. Remember “still images” can be cropped to hide things from view, whereas virtual tours (videos) can show you, even the minutest of detail!

Whether you’re ready to buy your home “sight unseen,” or are here to view it in person, start by taking a look at our amazing 3D videos online. Head to today!


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