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Buyers are viewing your home, but are they serious?

Everyone loves to see an excited home buyer walk through their door. They love to hear the ooh’s and ahh’s as the buyer takes their time, and walks through their home. Hearing the buyer say “this is exactly what we’re looking for,” and “this is the house for me, I can feel it!” as they excitedly hold their chest, would make any home seller think they’ve found the perfect buyer for their home. But, as everything in life, it’s not what people say, it’s what they do that really matters.

It’s hard not to get your hopes up, as a home seller, when you hear such comments, but when the buyer doesn’t follow through and disappears into the night, it leaves you with a feeling of disappointment and thoughts of “did we say something wrong?”

Here are 4 signs that a buyer isn’t serious about your home:

1. The buyer is flying solo:

If only one half of the couple is out on the viewing appointment, and their other half is not with them.This is usually a sign of lack of interest in the home.98% Of the time, the buyer cannot and will not make a decision alone, without their partner viewing the property with them.

2. A speedy visit:

Time is everything, and when a buyer is quicker than Speedy Gonzalez, this is the biggest telltale sign that they have no interest in your home whatsoever.When they make you feel like you have to push them inside the rooms, to make them look around, means you are losing the battle from the start.Body language is everything, and although the buyer may think they are being polite because they aren’t saying much, their body language is speaking volumes of what they really think.

3.A cheeky offer:

Everyone wants a bargain – BUT, if the buyer is offering an unreasonably low amount, this is a sure sign that they don’t really want the house.Serious buyers make their best offers, because they don’t want to lose the house.When buyers know their low offer was refused, this gives them an excuse to walk away without any shame.I call it their, “get out of jail free card!”

4. Lots of nitpicking:

When a buyer says in one breath, “you have a wonderful home,” then in the next “but there are lots of things that need changing” this means they are trying to find as much fault with your home as possible.If someone was genuinely interested in your home, they would see past any minor issues, but when they come along with their long list of “things in the home that need attention” means they are obsessed with finding fault, and more importantly provides them with an easy exit.

Remember, if your buyers are taking their time to have a good look around, they are trying to imagine themselves living there! Slow and steady, wins the race!


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