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Did You Know You Could Ruin Your Home Sale?

So you think it’s easy to sell your home? After all, it’s not rocket science. All you need to do is open your door and let the buyers in, right? Wrong! There’s a lot to consider during the home selling process, but more importantly, you’ve got a lot of money on the line. Did you know you could ruin your own home sale yourself, in so many ways that are avoidable? Here are a few common mistakes:

Did you price your home too high? Even if inventory is low, and there aren’t many properties on the market, some home sellers have unrealistic expectations of what a buyer would pay. Some people list their home at a higher price to allow for room to negotiate, but this can backfire, especially if no-one is willing to even make an offer in the first place!

Did you take your photos? You may have the most beautiful and sought after home in your area, but if you don’t have great photos to create the best first impression, then you may have trouble getting buyers in the door. Get a professional to take good quality pictures, instead of taking them yourself on your smartphone. Studies show that professionally photographed homes sell faster, and for more money!

Did you repair that yourself? Making a few home repairs here and there, before listing your property for sale is a great idea. However even though doing them yourself can save you money, it can create expensive problems if you make mistakes. Call in a handyman or professional, and let them handle the repairs.

Did you stay for the viewing? Being present for the showing of your home, can be a huge turnoff for a buyer. Even if you don’t say anything, the buyer feels awkward if you’re standing there, watching their every move. Make it easy on yourself, and easy on your buyer, by either going for a short walk, or sit in the garden with a book, whilst your home is being shown by your Real Estate Agent. This will show your buyer, you respect them for choosing to look at your home, but it also allows them to imagine themselves sitting in the garden!

Ultimately, you are more important in the home selling process, than you think!

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